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    The Emerald Arch reviews

    September 20, 2014 by Dream Era

    I guess I might as well tweak a few problems from the original trilogy reviews, as well as a few opinion changes here and there, as well as a whole new review!

    9/8/14 Sonic the Hedgehog reviewed (remastered)

    9/8/14 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 reviewed (v.3)

    9/11/14 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 reviewed (v.2)

    9/15/14 Sonic 3 & Knuckles (v.1)

    SONIC 1

    Well, I guess……….

    Ever since SOMETHING went wrong with my account, I don’t what happened; I think it’s a good idea to just do a quick re-review of Sonic the Hedgehog. Guess it’s time to once again, review Sonic the Hedgehog, for the Sega Genesis.

    I think we all can remember this game. This was the game that welcomed us to the Next Level, the one who Blast Processed through our hearts, and showed us What Nintendon’t. J…

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  • Dream Era

    C'mon Tsep it up! 2

    October 26, 2013 by Dream Era

    Ok, i know we are still growing, but SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I mean, instead of just redlinking something, actually contribute your a*s! If this is a wiki on behalf of the sgb, WE ARE A DISGRACE! Im not bullsh*ting here, this place is a mess. The only reason it says I heavily edit here, IS BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF YOU ARE PLAIN LAZY!!!!! I had high expectations, but this wiki completely mismatches those hopes. SO the next time u see a redlink, click on it, AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING!!! Also, i know u guys luv using the deviant artwork of Johnny, but because we are striving to be a official wiki, It doesnt belong here. So I say we replace these pictures with actual official images. Im on it right now. As sonic wuld say, C'MON STEP IT UP!

    A Dreaming er…

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