Ok, i know we are still growing, but SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I mean, instead of just redlinking something, actually contribute your a*s! If this is a wiki on behalf of the sgb, WE ARE A DISGRACE! Im not bullsh*ting here, this place is a mess. The only reason it says I heavily edit here, IS BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF YOU ARE PLAIN LAZY!!!!! I had high expectations, but this wiki completely mismatches those hopes. SO the next time u see a redlink, click on it, AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING!!! Also, i know u guys luv using the deviant artwork of Johnny, but because we are striving to be a official wiki, It doesnt belong here. So I say we replace these pictures with actual official images. Im on it right now. As sonic wuld say, C'MON STEP IT UP!

A Dreaming era...... 01:31, October 26, 2013 (UTC)

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