Use "Source" to edit unless you are editing a list or table


Right there.

Source mode has bigger text so it is easier to see. If you can properly edit codes for things like templates then source can be the best way to edit by far. Visual can do everything Source can but despite how it seems more simple to use it really isn't. It's also better for people with slower internet.

Put in links wherever you can


[[ ]] Put the name of another article inside these.

Links help people find pages around the wiki. In fact, you most likely used one to find this blog post. The picture on the side of this paragraph shows how to make normal links but to have different text covering a link try "[[ | ]]" with the article name on the left and different text on the right. Here is an example.

To link to another website use "[ ]" with the link inside and a word or 2 next to it. Here is an example.

Put in a link to an article you think this wiki should have too so other editors know what articles we need here on the site. Here is an example.

Put articles in categories


Picture from the main page.

You can add categories on the side of the page while editing but you can also add them by clicking the button in the picture. Make sure you spell every word in that categories name right and once your done click enter on your keyboard.

You can also make a category by adding it to an article. If something is added as a category and that category doesn't exist then it will be automatically created.

Use good spelling and punctuation

Remember to check your edits for mistakes. It looks bad on you when others find it.

Tihs is and exmple off wat u shoudln't do?


One template you should use is { {stub} } (without the spaces). Put it on articles that could use more info or pictures so editors know what articles to edit.


Template for video game articles.

Use infobox's too. The picture on the side here is from this page and it is used on articles for video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) and Metroid (NES). The easiest way to use a template is to go to this page, copy the text under "Usage" and paste it at the top of the article you would like to put it in. After you've done that, just fill in the blanks such as what company made the game and the year it came out.

This wiki has more templates than that so if you find a place where you can use one then go right ahead.

[here] for more info.

Manage the wiki

If you create a wiki then you shouldn't leave it for 2 years


2011? Who is running the site?

For the record, that was taken on 27 October 2013.

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