Pokemon is one of my favourite game franchises and one of the first I played. In this blog I will review many of the games in this series that I own.

Pokemon XD

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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness was the first Pokemon game I ever owned. I got it as a Christmas present in 2006. It was the only console game I got that year. This game is a basic RPG with a plot revolving around Shadow Pokemon which are Pokemon that have been altered by the criminal organization known as Cipher. You steal Pokemon from them and turn them back to normal. This game is the sequel to another Pokemon game (which I will talk about later) and contains many reused areas and music so I don't think Pokemon XD has aged too well. It is also kinda short and really easy but this game could help you get in to the series like it did for me. A feature in this game lets you trade and battle with third generation Pokemon games on the GBA but I have never used this feature.

Pokemon Ranger

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I got this game for Christmas in 2006 just like Pokemon XD. Pokemon Ranger is a spin off released for the Nintendo DS in 2006 and developed by the creators of Kirby. You capture Pokemon by drawing circles around them using the DS's stylus. I really enjoyed this game however I got New Super Mario Bros. on the same day and that game is much better. I am aware that this game has 2 sequels but I have barely played them so I won't talk about them.

Pokemon Emerald

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The third Pokemon game I bought was Pokemon Emerald. This is the first main series game I played (unless you count Pokemon XD as main series) and it showed when I played it for the first time. Pokemon Emerald has loads of content and has more depth than the other 2 games I played before. This game is a re-release of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire but since I didn't play those games I enjoyed Emerald more. Lets hope we finally get remakes o Ruby and Sapphire on 3DS.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

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This dungeon crawler was released in 2006 but I bought it in early 2007 for the DS. There was also Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team released for GBA. Despite being a different genre of video games, the first games in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series are very similar to the main series RPG's. As much as I think this is a great game I think the sequels are better but one thing the sequels didn't beat was the music. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue Rescue Team have the best soundtrack in any handheld game in my opinion especially when you get further in the game.

Pokemon Diamond

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Pokemon Diamond (and Pokemon Pearl) was the first of the fourth generation games and the first game I bought on launch day (April 22 2007 in Canada). It had 107 new Pokemon and since I didn't use the internet back then I didn't know about any of the new Pokemon in this game. This game is very similar to Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire which is where problems come in. When people say Pokemon games are all the same Pokemon Diamond & Pearl come to mind. They are the whole reason for people saying that and I can understand why fans could have skipped over this generation. Despite all that, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl are good games and show that even the lowest point in the Pokemon series was still good.

Pokemon Colosseum

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I got this game kinda late. 4 years after it came out to be exact. Pokemon Colosseum was released for the GameCube in 2004 and was the first Pokemon RPG released on a console. 1 year later, it received a sequel (Pokemon XD). As I said when I reviewed XD, both games are very similar and after years of preferring XD over its prequel I finally have to change my mind since XD is really just Colosseum with a new story. I still think XD has the better soundtrack and it is easier so I'm glad I played it first. In 2013, (9 years after this game came out) if you find a copy of this game you should by it. Like XD its very basic but Pokemon Colosseum can help you get into RPG's better than more serious games like Final Fantasy.

Pokemon Battle Revolution

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After playing Pokemon Colosseum and XD you would expect a game to finish the trilogy and that's what I thought Pokemon Battle Revolution would be when it first came out for the Wii in 2007. Despite my hopes, Pokemon Battle Revolution only contained battles (like the N64 Pokemon games) and only really worked if you had Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. The surprising lack of content and story made me want a better game and I hated this game when it came out. 6 years later I played it again and I realised that PBR really wasn't a good game but was a disappointment. What also makes me mad is that no company has bothered to make a Pokemon RPG on a console since this game. Despite all I hate about PBR, it did have good graphics for a Wii game and it had one amazing soundtrack.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

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1 year after the release of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Chunsoft released sequels to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. Unlike last time, both games were released for the DS. These games have all the new Pokemon introduced in Diamond and Pearl and also improve on the story. In fact, the story in these games in probably the deepest story in any Nintendo-published game which is very shocking. The emotional music (though, not as good as the previous games) really helped add emotion to the story. In 2009 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky was released and had some new features. I do own Explorers of the Sky but since its so similar to Explorers of Time/Darkness, I haven't played it much but if you are interested in buying one of the PMD: Explorers games you should try Explorers of the Sky

My Pokemon Ranch

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This is one of the strangest games in the series. You transfer over your Pokemon from Diamond or Pearl and you can try some activities but I really don't think you should waste 1000 Wii Points on this and instead you should buy a N64 game on the Virtual Console.

Speaking of which...

Pokemon Snap

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Even though there were 2 games similar to PBR released on N64, Nintendo decided to put this photography game there instead. To some it up, it can be fun and unlike My Pokemon Ranch, it is actually worth its price but you shouldn't buy this if you have never played a Pokemon game before.

Pokemon Platinum

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Pokemon Platinum was released in 2009. It a lot like Emerald of Explorers of the Sky since it really takes 2 games, combines them and add a few new features. Platinum is a rehash-- I mean, enhanced version of Diamond and Pearl. Like I said before, Diamond and Pearl are very similar to previous Pokemon games so I would only recommend Platinum to people who want to try Diamond and Pearl since it is better but you shouldn't buy it if you already have Diamond or Pearl.

Pokemon Rumble

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Pokemon Rumble is an action RPG. Once again it is very basic so if you want to get into action RPG's you could start here but scroll down to Pokemon Rumble Blast and ignore this game completely.

Pokemon HeartGold

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In 2004 Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen were released for the GBA. They were remakes of Pokemon Red & Blue but they were part of the third generation of Pokemon so they could battle and trade with other third gen games and they also had the 200+ Pokemon that were made since. I never tried these games but I know many people that did and if I ever get the chance to buy FireRed or LeafGreen, I will. In 2010 remakes of Pokemon Gold & Silver were released for the DS as a part of the fourth generation of Pokemon and like FireRed and LeafGreen they had all the new Pokemon released since. Pokemon HeartGold was technically my first experience with the second generation since I was too young when the original games came out. I new that many people considered them the best in the series and I could see that in the remakes. They are the kind of remake that adds loads of new content and pretty much forms a better game. I enjoyed HeartGold a lot but I still think Emerald is better but Pokemon HGSS are still the best Pokemon games released in recent years.

Pokemon Black

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In 2010 Pokemon Black and White were revealed to the public. I assumed the next generation of Pokemon would be released on the newly announced Nintendo 3DS but I was wrong and they were announced for the regular DS. I assumed a lot about the games since Pokemon games were known for repeating a lot but new announcements regarding Black and White surprised me in ways Pokemon games hadn't done before. Unlike previous games, you would not see any old Pokemon until you beat the game and it would be all new Pokemon. The games released in Canada in early 2011, only a few weeks before the 3DS. The differences between the new fifth generation and the previously released fourth generation which was on the same console was surprising and unexpected. There was more story, more new Pokemon and more interesting characters. When I reached the end and transferred my Pokemon from the fourth generation I experimented with the improved online features.

The only major flaw that the fifth generation has is that it removed a lot of cool stuff introduced in Platinum/HGSS and because of that I prefer Emerald and HeartGold over these games.

Pokemon Rumble Blast

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As I said before, Pokemon Rumble has a sequel. Pokemon Rumble Blast was released in 2011 and was the first Pokemon game released for the 3DS. I do like it but it is very basic.

Pokemon White 2

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In early 2012 it was announced that a new Pokemon game was going to be revealed. I expected Ruby & Sapphire remakes or Pokemon Gray (a third version like Emerald and Platinum). Do not tell me that you expected sequels to Black and White because I know it ain't true. This announcement surprised to whole fanbase since Pokemon Black and White 2 was nothing like what the series had ever seen. Because of that, no Pokemon knew what to expect with Pokemon Black and White 2 and every announcement was a surprise to longtime fans. The games released in 2012 for the Nintendo DS and were the last major release for the DS. The games still take place in Unova like Black and White 1 but the story is different and many new places have been added to Unova. New features such as battling Gym Leaders and Champions from previous games were very fun and I personally think Pokemon BW2 is the second best Pokemon game on the DS (only beaten by Pokemon HGSS). These games do have some flaws however, like Pokemon XD, these game are too similar to their predecessors so if you didn't like BW1 then unfortunately, BW2 will not change your mind


Pokemon is one amazing series. I know there are many games I didn't mention (like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity which I don't own but I do want) but I do think this series is for anybody even people who aren't big fans of RPG's. The multiplayer in Pokemon games can be very fun but you may of noticed that I forgot the newest games in the series...

Well, see you in my next review!

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