The Day We Fight Back is a protests against the NSA's surveillance of phone calls and the internet. The say they are trying to spy on terrorists but have been spying on many innocent people around the world. Ever since Edward Snowden revealed information on the surveillance last year, the US has been trying to arrest Snowden and have been calling him a traitor. They even prevented the President of Bolivia from entering some countries because he defended Snowden. While countries such as Sweden defend the idea of spying on citizens, other countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany do not and some such as Brazil have asked Snowden for information about the NSA.

Wikia is participating in this event so I have posted the main promotion picture for the protest on the main page. If you have a website I recommend doing the same.

This map shows how much spying is done by the NSA in each country. My country has very little spying but yours might be very spied on. In fact, somebody at the NSA is most likely reading this.

2000px-Boundless Informant data collection.svg

Green countries have little spying while red ones have the most.

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